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Restaurants sectors
Social health

We are active in social welfare structures, such as hospitals, private clinics, rehabilitation centers and social welfare structures.

Restaurants sectors socio-health and for the elderly

Innovation and safety
in social-health catering

We are active within social welfare structures, as hospitals, private clinics, rehabilitation centers and retirement homes.

 This sector requires a high degree of professionalism guarantees the certification of food quality administered, coming from raw materials of safe and genuine origin. The scrupulous service offered by Serenissima Ristorazione complies with the best parameters of food quality, respecting the specificities presented by each single structure and by the patients: we offer personalized menus made thanks to the collaboration of food professionals, such as doctors and nutritionists. 

We use certified products and guarantee a healthy and safe meal controlling all the processes, from the arrival of the raw material to the consumption. 

The menus come studied by our team of dieticians in line with the patient's medical prescriptions.

Catering services:

Social welfare structures

We offer a wide choice of menus able to respond to all possible needs of guests.

Hospitals and nursing homes

We are able to prepare healthy and at the same time tasty dishes like homemade.

A service punctual and attentive

We base our work on the awareness that thesupply, as a vital need of the individual, cannot be suspended even in the most pathologically complex situations, if anything it must be able to be appropriate in order to support the psycho-physical recovery of patients.

For this reason the menus are elaborated keeping in primary consideration the strong link with the medical-therapeutic practice, in order to be able to contribute to the work of the medical staff which frequently includes a correct and targeted nutrition within the care path of the Inpatient.

 Each dish prepared by Serenissima Ristorazione must therefore include some specific qualitative elements.

The patient in the center

Maximum attention and safety

Scrupulous quality protocols

Compliance with strict parameters indicated by guidelines

Respect for eating habits and preferences

Research and innovation
to value tomorrow

To meet the needs of the social-health sector, Serenissima Ristorazione has created the largest refrigerated plant in Italy and Europe in Boara Pisani (PD), where he prepares semi-finished products and personalized trays and produces more than 40.000 meals a day which he then transports to main Italian hospitals.

 The production plant was designed and built with the maximum attention to environmental impact and energy optimisation: the electricity produced by the cogeneration plant is in fact equal to 50% of the overall needs of the centre.

We invest in projects
di Project Financing

The experience acquired in the management of processes by Serenissima Ristorazione has materialized by giving life to various projects under the Project Financing regime, providing non-healthcare services in hospital facilities of various types and sizes.

Hospital of Cona

The hospital of Cona, designed for the Ferrara Hospital. Serenissima Catering manages the catering service for employees of the hospital, which has 580 beds. The project was carried out by PROG.ESTE. SpA, a company owned by various companies, including Serenissima Ristorazione. The total amount of the investment was 200 million Euros.





total investment

200 million

Hospital of Santorso (VI)

Santorso hospital, hub of the Alto Vicentino of Thiene and Schio (Ulss 4 of the Alto Vicentino), with 402 beds. A project financing of 157 million Euros carried out by Summano Sanità SpA of which Serenissima Ristorazione is a partner in the project. Serenissima Ristorazione manages the catering services for patients and employees, as well as a series of ancillary services including bars and vending machines, reservation service, call center, concierge, porterage and various logistics services.




SUmmano Sanità SPA

total investment

157 million