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Eat well, work better

We add flavor
to your company

We focus on the needs of your employees, giving value to their lunch break.

Thanks to the design of functional and welcoming environments we are able to serve your employees and guests quickly, without waiting times, taking care of the presentation of the dish. Where it is not possible to set up internal kitchens we always find a solution to ensure our best service. All dishes can be prepared by our nearest cooking center to your location to ensure the fast delivery and excellent quality of the proposed menu.

Basic service
to the structure

Customized, modular and flexible solutions with a single point of contact for your company restaurant.

Catering service with internal kitchen

For companies with a large internal kitchen and a requirement of at least 100 meals a day.

Catering service with semi-vehicular system

For companies that do not have an internal kitchen, a self-service line can be set up, with express cooking. Complex preparations take place in our nearest cooking center.

Food service with vehicular system

For businesses that don't have space for a kitchen, lunch can be delivered via thermal crates to keep hot and cold. The dishes will be thermo-sealed in single portions.

Self-service restaurant service

For those who do not have a company canteen: agreements with shops located throughout the area with self-service in Vicenza and Padua.

Your restaurant keys in hand

We will propose the most appropriate solutions to your specific peculiarities to guarantee you a personalized service that can satisfy every user.


We evaluate the layout, flows and needs of the client on the basis of the site inspection in order to:

  • Design the new living room and kitchen layout
  • Develop the areas dedicated to administration/distribution
  • Define the areas according to the flows
  • Place the equipment
  • Study the furnishings


We rely on expert designers and technicians to guarantee a turnkey solution.

  • Electrical system development
  • Hydraulic system development
  • Mechanical system development
  • Fire system
  • Structural development


Supporting the competence and professionalism of our operators.

  • Redevelopment of existing elements
  • Choice of furnishings
  • Study of materials
  • Study of lighting fixtures
  • Large format graphics application
  • Installation of sound absorbing panels


We create 3D drawings to give a detailed view of the environment, so as to be able to analyze the structural details and define the project, in order to conclude with the creation of realistic high definition renderings that make it possible to see the project and its mood in advance .


A healthy and balanced diet is necessary to live and work at its best. Our staff of nutritionists, dietitians and medical biologists collaborates in synergy with all the departments of the company, in order to guarantee a selection of raw materials to guarantee correct nutrition.

THEmenu development by our dietitians is carried out taking into account the nutritional, cultural and medical needs of the employee.

We are able to manage:

  • Meal booking service
  • Special menus and diets
  • Choice and procurement of raw materials
  • Staff training and management


The sanitization system of the kitchens and annexed rooms offered by Serenissima Ristorazione is the most effective and corresponding to the objectives, which can be summarized in three fundamental factors:

  • Efficacy in performance and in outcome of the service;
  • Safety for people and goods;
  • Sustainability aimed at safeguarding the environment for future generations.
Efficacy is guaranteed by the specific methods of carrying out each cleaning and sanitizing activity, which are the result of the application:
  • di protocols specifications that describe the sequence of each single operation;
  • of tech employed which brings advantages both at a methodological level (greater efficiency and effectiveness of the processes) and at a safety level.

Additional services custom-made

Coffee breaks and light lunches

For those who want to enjoy a coffee break or enjoy a snack

Automatic catering

For shift workers and employees who prefer to eat in the office or have dinner ready to take home


Management of refreshment areas, vending machines and administration of drinks, snacks and food products.

Our successes

Company canteen
- layout design
- preparation
- personal
- takeaways