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by Boara Pisani

Over 30.000.000 euros of investment, 14.391 square meters of surface total, more than 300 operators these are the numbers of our factory which works in a refrigerated link and produces over 40.000 meals a day. One of the most modern and technologically advanced centers in Europe, it is proof of our commitment to the search for ever more efficient solutions.

Research and development in
production processes

We aim at innovation to offer a highly performing service that makes us a reliable partner

We value development and believe in the importance of welcome and support projects in line with our research idea.

State-of-the-art methods

We apply to production processes state-of-the-art methods and machinery in order to reduce costs and improve the quality of service.

Analysis and Experimentation

We have designated areas experimental kitchen and analysis laboratories, to guarantee and standardize the quality of the taste and the safety of the raw material.


We monitor constantly market trends and new trends.

One technique

Cook&Chill refrigerated link

Our research has led us to introduce traditional cooking methods (such as the fresh-hot link) alongside new technologies for food preparation. This is demonstrated by the use of refrigerated bonding technique (Cook & Chill).

Attention for
the environment

Leverage renewable energy such as geothermal energy – which allows the heat produced to be recovered – and photovoltaics, through the installation of panels.


The Refrigerated Link technique, unlike the traditional fresh-hot system, allows systematic and advance planning of the production activities which are therefore temporally detached from the moment of final consumption of the meal.

It also allows you to optimize the service even during the emergencies, as it guarantees the timeliness in the provision of meals and does not suffer slowdowns even in cases of personnel shortages. All this brings numerous advantages, such as:


The production process of the dishes allows the food to be subjected to less thermal stress, with consequent maintenance of the nutritional characteristics.


The dishes retain their original flavor and all their organoleptic properties.


The cooking method guarantees greater hygienic-sanitary safety of the food.


By separating the moment of production from that of consumption, the service is speeded up and optimized.

La White room

Thanks to major investments, the Clean Room has been created, an area used for portioning and packaging food which makes it possible to reduce the possibility of product contamination, to increase health and hygiene safety, and to maintain a high nutritional and organoleptic quality of food . Finally, it guarantees a flexible service and a standardized supply of foodstuffs and processes.