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Serenissima Ristorazione, thanks to its consolidated presence and experience in the collective and commercial catering sector, has implemented its services by creating a new corporate division: Serenissima Servizi Global, which arises from the desire to offer public bodies and private customers a single management of facility management activities.

Thanks to a team of professionals, with over twenty years' experience in the sector, the new division specializes in cleaning and environmental hygiene services in the civil and industrial sectors, concierge and reception services, auxiliary services, minor maintenance, hotels, laundry and wash-hire.

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Cleaning and sanitizing, environmental hygiene

We offer cleaning and sanitizing, disinfestation, rat extermination, deblatization and dezanzarization services to public and private entities in internal and external environments, as well as environmental disinfection interventions in Covid or Covid risk areas.


Management of hotel services in socio-health facilities

Activities, simple or complex, which require a specific professional qualification such as: pest control, environmental disinfection, laundry hire, logistics, porterage, maintenance of buildings and systems.

Ecolabel certification for cleaning services

The Serenissima Green Cleaning division has obtained the Ecolabel Certification for cleaning services. EU Ecolabel is the ecological quality mark of the European Union (established in 1992 by reg. 880/92 and is now governed by Reg. (CE) n. 66/2010 which distinguishes products and services characterized by a reduced environmental impact during the entire life cycle, while ensuring high performance standards.

Purpose of the Ecolabel certification of the cleaning service 

Promote the use of cleaning products and accessories with:

  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Staff training on environmental aspects
  • Bases of an environmental management system and correct waste differentiation.


Management of general business services

Concierge, reception, call center, internal mail, external mail, vehicles.


Management of catering services

In the field of integrated management of services, the Facility and Catering division coordinate the activities of dispensing meals and catering to guarantee maximum quality and hygienic-sanitary safety.


Medication management

Management of the movement of medicines from the hospital pharmacy to the various departments.


Transportation and porterage

Management and planning of goods handling, relative transport and porterage inside the structures.

I sectors in which we operate


Public places

Social-health structures

Schools and universities


Sanitization and disinfection in Covid areas and at risk of Covid-19

Covid-19 it has profoundly revolutionized our daily life and our habits, from the way we relate to others, to the way we live in the environments we usually frequent, such as the workplace. In the Covid areas (high risk) and in the no-Covid areas (medium-low risk), Serenissima Servizi Globali is able to carry out interventions of different types:

1. Cleaning

The set of operations that are performed to remove visible dirt of any kind (dust, grease, liquids, organic material, etc.) from any type of environment, surface or machinery. Cleaning is obtained with the manual or mechanical removal of dirt also – possibly – with water and/or detergent substances (detersion). Cleaning is a preliminary operation, essential for the subsequent stages of sanitization and disinfection.

2. Sanitization

It is a targeted intervention eliminate any bacteria and contaminants at the base that ordinary cleaning fails to remove. Sanitization is implemented - using chemical detergent products (detersion) - to bring the microbial load back within acceptable and optimal hygiene standards, which depend on the intended use of the environments concerned. However, sanitization must be preceded by cleaning.

3. Disinfection

It consists in the application of disinfectant agents, almost always of a chemical or physical nature (heat), which are able to reduce, through destruction or inactivation, the microbiological load present on objects and surfaces to be treated. Disinfection must be preceded by cleaning to prevent dirt residues from compromising its effectiveness. Only by disinfection can pathogenic microorganisms be inactivated.

Serenissima Servizi Globali is carrying out sanitation and disinfection operations with special teams in areas at risk of Covid-19. At the end of the intervention, the appropriate declaration is issued for the purpose of obtaining the tax benefits provided for by the "Cura Italia" Decree of 17/03/2020 and the "Relaunch" Decree of 19/05/2020.

Consulting in the field
of environmental management

Our environmental consultants are able to provide consultancy in:

  • Cost-benefit analysis and business plan for company adaptation to the parameters of environmental eco-sustainability of its business.
  • Ad hoc projects and feasibility studies.
  • Waste management methods and market innovations.
  • Analysis of market products for efficient management of energy and water utilities.
  • Authorization and environmental practices: environmental documents, forms and Loading/Unloading Registers, annual MUD declaration (Single Environmental Declaration Model), waste characterization and classification (CER codes / EER codes), identification and labelling, annual asbestos communications, landscape practices and authorizations, etc. .
  • Measurement of environmental performance.
  • Guide to environmental certification and the drafting of related documentation.
  • Controls and audits for compliance with current regulations.
  • Wastewater supply and management.
  • Emissions in the atmosphere.
  • Internal and external noise (including phonometric measurements).
  • Management of dangerous products and substances.

Training and industry specific

The challenge of learning and professional agility is paramount around the world. Continuous development of skills, especially those that will prove essential in the future, is a key asset to employability.

Consulting areas:

  • food and sanitation;
  • nutrition and food education;
  • safety at work;
  • environmental;
  • on data and privacy management.

Specific courses:

  • cooking courses/workshops;
  • team building and work psychology;
  • public speeches and corporate events;
  • internal and external communication;
  • writing texts and commercial contents.

Le solutions that we offer are:

Support and advice to maximize R&D investment

Field coaching and learning tests

Web seminar or distance learning

Tailored training packages and change management support