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The right nutrition to grow well

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Attention, care and scrupulosity:
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Serenissima Ristorazione offers a service dedicated to real nutritional needs of children and young people, establishing collaborations between operators, educators and parents.

The school covers an irreplaceable function of education and socialization and, in this context, the school canteen it qualifies as an integral part of the educational activity from the food point of view.

In addition to ensuring a substantial service nutritional balance, school meals play an increasingly important role in aeducational project which has the child/young adult as its subject, but which also involves teachers and parents in its development.

School portal for parents and teachers

A portal dedicated to parents and teachers, where you can find information on seasonal menus and on every aspect related to the catering service for pupils.

The value ofidentity

At the center of our attention we place theidentity of small users. Our goal is to try to make them aware of theimportance of healthy eating styles and promote responsible behavior. 

In school catering we guarantee:

Differentiated menus for age groups, to adapt to the nutritional needs and tastes of the pupils

Different ways of distributing meals, in line with evolutionary growth

Special diet offer which also respect ethical-religious diversity

A service custom-made

Each school has different organizational needs, which require programmed but at the same time flexible catering management.

We design, build and manage your kitchen and canteen taking into account your needs but also your specific preferences, always aiming for maximum integration with the customer's rhythms and style.

And this is where our strength emerges.


I use quality raw materials

We purchase raw materials from certified suppliers with consolidated experience, with whom we have signed multi-year agreements.


Staff training and management

We strongly believe in personnel training, promoting professional growth and consequently the improvement of the services offered.


Continuous nutritional counseling

For the formulation of the menu and diets, we put our Quality Department at your disposal to provide advice and offer a safe meal to children suffering from pathologies or intolerances.


Refectory set up

Eating a meal in a welcoming and comfortable environment is an important aspect for the little ones' lunch break, which is why we have studied a plan for setting up the room using specific sound-absorbing panels and posters.


Communication plan

We have designed a portal dedicated to parents and teachers to provide information on seasonal menus and on all aspects related to the diet of children, which gives families the opportunity to book meals. There is also an area on possible initiatives aimed at families and teachers.


Discovering the taste

Workshops to involve children and parents supported by our specialized staff.

We present teachers and schools a complete project of activities in the field of conscious consumption.

deepen dialogue with teachers and with the school in order to sensitize and train the young generations through the acquisition of new awareness and skills for the promotion of responsible behaviour.

We offer essential information for pupils and families to promote conscious food choices in respect of cultural and gastronomic traditions and the pleasure that eating must always have.

We create a relationship between food, agriculture, the environment and health through:

  • new refectory layout
  • material for pupils and parents
  • food education workshops
  • educational outings on the social farm
  • theme menus
  • Training sessions

Our successes

Primary School
- layout design
- preparation
- personal
- takeaways