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About us

The Serenissima Ristorazione Group is today one of the most important Italian companies in the field of commercial and collective catering.

Le people they are the real added value of our company.

Each of our activities aims to improve the well-being of our collaborators and to generate value for our customers, for the company and the territory in which we operate.

The passion for work, the importance of creating and innovating are the levers that drive us to offer an increasingly quality service.excellence.


The value of synergy

Our strength lies in synergy between all companies of the Serenissima Ristorazione group. Union and cooperation are fundamental aspects to propose a increasingly complete and competitive service in the market. To work with a view to collaboration for us it is the key to achieving ever more important goals.


Parent company and general management, specialized in the production of meals for hospital, company and school catering, and in the management of public places.


Company specialized in the food distribution of fresh, semi-fresh, frozen and dried products for the Horeca sector and a fundamental role as the Group's logistics platform.


Company specializing in the supply of foodstuffs for catering-gastronomic establishments and large communities.


Company specialized in the production of meals for corporate and school catering.


Company specialized in the supply of fresh and dried fruit and vegetables, both for Group companies and for third-party customers.


Company specialized in the vending sector.


Company specialized in the production of meals for corporate, hospital and school catering.


Company specialized in the production of meals for hospital and school catering.


Company specialized in the production of meals for collective catering in the school and social-health sector.


Company based in New York with multiple outlets where you can enjoy many varieties of craft beer.

We believe in sustainable, responsible and aware catering

Today's actions have an impact on the future, which not only affect the environment, but also economically and socially. Our goal is to promote a culture of sustainable food and aware, that protects people's health and the environment. For a better future it is necessary to guarantee one healthy nutrition, a correct information nutrition and on daily lifestyles to safeguard our planet.

A large company, an Italian excellence.


01 - Reliability

A solid company, a widespread service, a high quality product. We select the best raw materials with confidence and carry out the most accurate checks on the entire production chain.

02 - Expertise

The key ingredient that allows us to satisfy every need, we are able to guarantee professionalism and competence in each sector we address.

03 - Innovation

We are constantly aiming to innovate and innovate ourselves. We do this thanks to advanced technologies and techniques, to guarantee a tailor-made service according to each specific need.

04 - Concreteness

A streamlined company, close to people and the local area. The relationship of trust between Serenissima Ristorazione and its collaborators is also reflected in the relationship with our customers, to whom we guarantee continuity and clarity.

Our idea of sustainability

Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability is a sign of responsibility and respect for our planet. We promote the Mediterranean diet as a cultural and food model and an example of sustainable production with a low environmental impact. We favor products a short supply chain and local producers and where required we use electric vehicles or eco-friendly fuels.

Economic sustainability

Our goal is to promote the sustainable development of our country, making a significant economic, social and environmental impact. Through our strategic plan and investments for the coming years, we have defined challenges and objectives for growth and competitiveness.

Social sustainability

We are SA8000 certified and as set out in the United Nations 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals, we address emerging issues including human rights, environmental and workplace protection, consumers, community engagement and equals opportunity.