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An all-Italian success story.

More than 9.000 employees, 14 companies in Italy and abroad and a single goal: to make one of the main Italian companies grow every day in the collective and commercial catering sector, in facility services and in the production of gastronomic specialties.

The strength of the synergy

Thanks to the synergy between all the companies in our group we manage and coordinate all catering and facility services to cater for needs of our customers. We are able to offer customized, modular and flexible solutions, placing ourselves as the only point of contact to be prompt in requests.

Services Restaurants sectors

We guarantee the best for any need

Maximum attention to safety, the choice of ingredients, staff training, innovation and the most modern methods of cooking, distribution and transport, for a personalized service according to the needs of our customers.

Social-health catering

Collective catering on a personal scale

School catering

The right nutrition to grow well

Corporate Catering

Eat well, work better

Commercial Catering

We give taste to daily breaks

Other services:

Facility services

Gastronomic preparations

A large company, an Italian excellence.

These are values in which we believe



A solid company, a widespread service, a high quality product. Our family structure guarantees us solid roots, which enable us to select the best raw materials with certainty and to exercise control over the entire production chain.



Quality of the service, of the taste, of the raw material: all our work focuses on this. We can guarantee it thanks to specific skills related to each sector we address. Competence is the key ingredient that allows us to satisfy every need.



We are constantly aiming to innovate and innovate ourselves. We do this thanks to advanced technologies and techniques, to guarantee a tailor-made service according to each specific need.



A streamlined company, close to people and the local area. The relationship of trust between Serenissima Ristorazione and its collaborators is also reflected in the relationship with our customers, to whom we guarantee continuity and clarity.

Full services e innovation at 360 °

We guarantee customized, modular solutions
and flexible, with a single point of contact.
  1. Preparation and management of canteens, kitchens, cooking centers and refreshment places
  2. Production and distribution of meals, ready meals and semi-finished products
  3. Planning of logistics
  4. Management of bars, self-service and vending machines
  5. Cleaning services premises, laundry, maintenance

Work with us!

Join the Serenissima Group: we believe in the value of our resources.
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