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Hospitals and nursing homes

Innovation and progress for healthcare facilities

We guarantee the highest parameters
di food quality

With experience and professionalism Serenissima Ristorazione takes part in the fundamental process of care and support of Hospitals and Care Homes. Social health catering needs the maximum attention and safetytherefore all protocols in terms of quality and traceability of the products and in the production phase must be scrupulously respected, and it is checked that each individual tray complies with the medical prescription before being delivered to the patient.

Thanks to its logistics network, Serenissima Ristorazione ensures autonomy, capillarity, reliability, efficiency and, thanks to the state-of-the-art computer system, it also guarantees the maximum flexibility in case of dietary changes. 

On the structural front, Serenissima Ristorazione provides for the possibility of intervening with capital investments in order to create or improve aspects such as the elements of the kitchen (furniture and comfort), the production cycle and the provision of the service, in order to provide a finished product of excellent quality, making use of the consultancy of engineers, architects and technicians of the sector. This level includes maintenance interventions on existing structures, redevelopment or the design of ex-novo systems.

Quality guaranteed
and certified

Selecting the best raw materials and employing innovative technologies, we are able to prepare healthy, tasty dishes and at the same time we respect the dietary aspect.

Sanitary safety

Nutritional balance

Safeguarding the organoleptic properties of foods

Pathology-specific menus

High digestibility of meals

La Enteral nutrition

We are the first catering company to have taken over the management, since 1998, of the Enteral Kitchen of the Padua Hospital, specific for the preparation of mixtures for artificial enteral nutrition.

The enteral mixtures are specially formulated by the Dietetics Service of the Padua Hospital and prepared respecting strict protocols.

Outsourced management of lactarium

The milk bank represents a fundamental support for every neonatology centre.

Serenissima Ristorazione is theonly Italian restaurant company to have activated the service for the Donated Human Milk Bank (BLUD), with public/private management, in a hospital (Padua Hospital). There Human Milk Bank it is the structure appointed to manage the donated human milk to be used for the medical needs of small patients hospitalized in the Neonatal Pathology – Intensive Care wards and for infants in the Pediatrics ward.

Mother's milk is in fact the element that helps the premature baby in the fight for survival: nothing in nature is more complete, it contains all the nutritional and defensive elements that the premature baby needs and its characteristics change according to the baby's needs.

 Often, however, when giving birth prematurely, in the first days of the baby's life, mother's milk can fail: being the days when mother's milk is very important, donated human milk is essential. The fundamental purpose of the Lactarium is to guarantee the absolute safety of donated human milk from every point of view. A process that begins with the medical staff involved in the screening and training of donors and continues with a supply chain that includes collection, control, selection, treatment and distribution.

Serenissima Ristorazione is in possession of the following to manage the Lactarium and the Enteral Kitchen quality certifications:

  • UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015

Flexibility in emergencies

In recent years, the management of catering for hospitals and nursing homes has been further complicated by the Coronavirus emergency. Many wards have been converted from ordinary to COVID wards, and also some abandoned structures have been reactivated to become COVID hospitals. In this emergency situation, Serenissima Ristorazione was able to demonstrate the flexibility needed to face the moment, always maintaining the role of the meal as part of the cure and a guarantee of the supply of high nutritional principles.


Serenissima Ristorazione, with a view to global service, supports social and health structures such as hospitals, private clinics and rehabilitation centers with specific supplies and services.

Divided by task performed, the participants take part in frontal lessons face-to-face or online on the e-learning platform, and practical on-the-job training.

For each area we deal with train specialized personnel, organizing courses for the management of the social and health service.

Catering services for healthcare personnel and visitors

In hospitals and nursing homes, Serenissima Ristorazione also takes care of food for visitors and employees of the facilities, setting up canteen services, bars and points of automatic catering.

Self-service canteen

For healthcare personnel and visitors to facilities.

Automatic catering

For visitors, employees and shift workers who prefer to eat in the office or have dinner ready to take home.


For healthcare personnel, patients and visitors.