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The Corporate Governance rules are the direct emanation of principles and procedures that the Serenissima Ristorazione company has adopted and undertakes to respect in order to ensure that every operation is carried out effectively and with transparency.

In general, the Corporate Governance system is based on the fundamental role of the Board of Directors in monitoring the transparency of corporate decision-making processes, on an effective internal control system, on scrupulous regulation of potential conflicts of interest and on sound principles of conduct for carrying out transactions with related parties. This system was implemented by Serenissima Ristorazione with the preparation and adoption of codes, principles, rules and procedures which discipline and regulate the performance of the activities of all the organizational and operational structures of the Company.


Business conduct guidelines

Anti-corruption management system

ISO 37001: Anti-corruption management system certification

As a further implementation of its Corporate Governance system, Serenissima Ristorazione has adopted a System for the prevention of corruption which has been certified in accordance with the UNI ISO 37001:2016 standard by the RINA services certification body. The ISO 37001 "Anti-bribery management systems" standard intends to help public and private organizations in the fight against corruption, establishing a culture of integrity, transparency and compliance. The standard cannot guarantee the eradication of corruption, but it can help in implementing effective measures to prevent and deal with it. This standard specifies the anti-corruption measures and controls that an organization can adopt to monitor its corporate activities in order to prevent corruption.

The standard requires: