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A constant commitment today to ensure a better future 

Environmental sustainability

We are committed to reducing the impact of production processes and improving their efficiency to safeguard our planet's resources.

  • We use digitized systems to improve and streamline production processes
  • We donate unsold meals to minimize waste
  • We are committed to reducing waste production as much as possible
  • We promote separate waste collection
  • Where possible, we recover waste and give it a second life through virtuous technologies
  • We monitor the carbon footprint of our services
  • We invest in energy efficient technologies and renewable energies

Economic sustainability

Through corporate growth we generate value within society and for our stackholders, we create real well-being for the local economy.
  • we promote development-oriented policies that support local production activities
  • we create jobs by supporting local entrepreneurship
  • we support employment in the area and guarantee the well-being of the communities
  • we promote lasting and inclusive economic growth
  • we guarantee remuneration designed to recognize and enhance the role, expertise and performance of employees
  • we aim to achieve high standards of economic productivity through diversification

Social sustainability

We identify and manage business impacts on our employees, in the supply chain and in the community in which the company operates.

  • we guarantee constant staff training
  • we pay attention to the growth and well-being of our employees
  • we promote healthy and sustainable eating habits
  • we ensure social inclusion by collaborating with local cooperatives engaged in the integration of disadvantaged people
  • we fight against discrimination
  • we safeguard workers' rights
  • we support the right to safety and health at work
  • we promote work-family conciliation

Sustainability Report

Very serene restaurant publishes the first Sustainability Report, updated to 2021. The document is an important tool for defining our economic, social and environmental objectives, it includes the values ​​and future projects that accompany our way of acting, but above all of being.

La responsibility as a choice

The Serenissima Ristorazione Group identifies compliance with the requirements of social responsibility as one of the factors of its success. Starting from respect for the environment and occupational health and safety, we intend to adopt all the key principles established by the SA8000 standard. The forwarding of reports relating to SA8000 by employees and stakeholders must be done at the following web address:

We support gender equality

Serenissima Ristorazione is sensitive to gender equality policies within the companies of the group, giving all employees and collaborators the opportunity to anonymously report any discriminatory behavior in this page.

Discrimination wastes opportunities, dissipates talent and impoverishes every sector in which it is present, including work. For this reason, Serenissima Ristorazione spa has focused on the skills and abilities of its personnel, trying to avoid prejudices in order to be able to start a concrete and systematic path aimed at growing and encouraging an inclusive policy that values ​​all the people present in the Company.

Certified quality and safety

Our commitment takes the form of certified management systems, in line with our corporate objectives.