Project financing

The Serenissima Group invests in projects funded with Project Financing:

The experience Serenissima Ristorazione has acquired through managing processes is applied through the launch of projects funded by Project Financing to provide non-healthcare services in hospitals of various types and sizes.
In these projects, the public benefits from technologically advanced services and the government benefits from generating significant cost savings.
Two examples of the Group’s Project Financing experiences include:

  • Presidio Ospedaliero di Cona, designed for Azienda Ospedaliera di Ferrara. Serenissima Ristorazione manages food services for the employees of the 580-bed hospital. The project was developed by PROG.ESTE. S.p.A. – which is made up of several other companies, including Serenissima Ristorazione – for a total investment of € 200 million.
  • Ospedale di Santorso, the Alto Vicentino hub of Thiene and Schio (Ulss 4, Alto Vicentino), with 402 beds. The project was developed by Summano Sanità S.p.A. with Serenissima Ristorazione as project partner, with project financing of €157 million. Serenissima Ristorazione manages food services for the patients and employees as well as a series of ancillary services, including a bar, vending machines, ordering service, call centre, portering, and various logistic services.