Innovation and progress: cook&chill

In order to meet the highest food safety standards and offer a quality product that provides a wide dietary range, Serenissima Ristorazione, where required, has adopted the “Cook-Chill” controlled system for producing meals. This is an avant-garde method used for preparing, preserving and distributing food. Compared to the “traditional” cook-and-serve method, the C&C method has the advantage of minimising microbiological risk and allowing for a wider qualitative and quantitative dietary range. C&C has a modular organisation, divided into production, preservation, distribution and consumption. This ensures the best possible preparation of the meals from a nutritional, organoleptic, microbiological and organisational standpoint. The first and fundamental pre-requisite is the absolute quality and freshness of the ingredients. The meals leave the cooking facility packaged in individual or multi-portion containers. They are placed on special carts and kept at a specific temperature until delivered to the end user. This is an innovative technique that the Group is able to manage thanks to its efficient internal organisation and the support of its avant-garde cooking facilities.